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Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs Funds 9/11 Via Cash from HLF to Global Relief to WSRA San Diego to Karachi & KSM to Dubai to Mohamed Atta's SunTrust Bank Nokomis Fl.

Sarasota Saudi Al-Hijji had a 'House of Saud' Royal and Al-Qaeda Terrorist Mohamed Atta's 9/11 Hijack Pilot Cadre all over to 4224 Escondito Circle. Saudi Abdulaziz Al-Hijji entertained al-Qaeda terrorist Mohamed Atta and his 9/11 hijack pals and also the son of the 'House Of Saud' Defense Minister, Prince Salman bin Fahad bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, (using the name 'Fahad Al Zeid'), age 24 when he visited 4224 Escondito Circle. Phone records with link analysis and license plate readers at the Prestancia guard gate prove such, but FBI says no link in their 2002 Sarasota Saudi investigation, Bull Crap, I was there and directly involved during the 2002 Sarasota Police/ICE/FBI probe into a support of terrorism network. The House of Saud is the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia. The most influential member of the Royal family is the King of Saudi Arabia, currently King Salman who chose his son Mohammed bin Salman (M.B.S.) as crown prince without consulting the Allegiance Council. Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs Funds 9/11 Via Cash from HLF to Global Relief to WSRA San Diego to Karachi & KSM to Dubai to Atta's SunTrust Bank Nokomis Fl. Round and round did the money go in 1999 to 2000 that funded the 9/11 terrorists in the USA, strange but true it originated at the offices of Holy Land Foundation in Richardson, Texas to Global Relief in Chicago to WSRA in San Diego to Karachi & KSM to Dubai paymaster
Ali Abdul Aziz Ali before ending up at Mohamed Atta's SunTrust bank in Nokomis Fl. 
NYT...The Sept. 11 hijackers were able to open 35 American bank accounts without having legitimate Social Security numbers and opened some of the accounts with fabricated Social Security numbers that were never checked or questioned by bank officials. The SunTrust banks involved approved several account applications in which the hijackers simply filled in random numbers in spaces reserved for applicants' Social Security numbers, said the official, Dennis Lormel, the chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's unit conducting the financial inquiry of the Sept. 11 plot. While the F.B.I. has found that $325,000 flowed through the 14 SunTrust accounts before the Sept. 11 attacks, investigators believe that the hijackers had access to a total of $500,000 to $600,000. With no scrutiny from the financial institutions or government regulators, the hijackers were able to move hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Middle East into the United States through a maze of bank accounts beginning more than a year before their attacks. The hijackers relied most heavily on 14 accounts at SunTrust Banks, moving $325,000 through accounts opened in Florida and taken out in the names of many of the hijackers, Mr. Lormel said. One of the first signs of a large infusion of cash coming into the United States for use by the hijackers appears in bank records dating from 2000, when $100,000 was deposited in SunTrust bank accounts controlled by some of the leading hijackers, including Mr. Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, Mr. Lormel said. The F.B.I. has traced that money back to the United Arab Emirates and believes that it was sent to the hijackers by Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, who is accused of helping to manage Osama bin Laden's finances and is the nephew of KSM.
 1). On 6/27/00, at 19:38:49, Marwan Al-Shehhi registered email account from a Kinkos located in New York City. Mohamed Atta, 33, the reputed man in charge who orchestrated the attacks, was among the most worldly and oldest of the suspected hijackers, investigators say. 
2). On 7/6/00, Mohamed Atta and Al-Shehhi rented a car from Sarasota Auto Rentals, Sarasota, FL. They returned the car sometime prior to the due back date of 7/ 13/00. The car was driven 1013 miles. (LES) 
3). On 7/7/00, Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi opened a joint checking account at Suntrust Bank (Nokomis, Fl branch) with a $7,000 cash deposit. 
4). On 7/10/00, Atta cashed a check on this account in the amount of $4,200 and purchased a car (1989 Pontiac Grand Prix) from Cramer Toyota located in Venice, Florida.

5). On 7/16 /2000. Atta and Al-Shehiii rented an apartment located on W. Laurel Rd, Nokomis they signed a six-month lease that began on 7/16/2000 and ended on 1/14/2001, they paid $550 per month. It was while they were living here that they completed their flight training.
6). On 8/29/00, Mr. Ali (believed to be Ali Abdul Aziz Ali) sent $20,000 via bank, to bank transfer from the UAE Exchange Gen fee, Bm Dubai, UAE, to AL-Shehhi’s Suntrust Bank, 1000 N Tamiami Trail, Nokomis Florida, account (joint account with Atta). The funds posted to the Suntrust account on 8/30/00 less a $15 fee.
7). On 9/17/00, Hani at Fawaz Trading (believed to be Ail Abdul Aziz Ali) sent $70,000 via a bank to bank transfer from the UAE Exchange Centre, Bur Dubai, UAE, to Al- Shehhis (joint account with Mohamed Atta) Suntrust Bank, 1000 N Tamiami Trail, Nokomis Florida, account. The funds posted to the Suntrust account on 9/18/00 less a $15 fee.
Proving the link between Saudi Arabia and the 19 hijackers has been Attorney Jim Kreindler’s nearly sole focus since the moment, several days after the Twin Towers fell, when grieving families began to file into the lobby of the burly, boisterous 61-year-old’s firm. That firm, Kreindler & Kreindler, was started by his grandfather and brought to prominence by his father, Lee, who the families knew was the man who had won a $3 billion judgment against Libya for the bomb that in 1988 destroyed Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. It is Kreindler's contention that a very small number of officials in one branch of Saudi government, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, went rogue without the knowledge or blessing of the kingdom’s royal family and helped fund the 9/11 terrorist attack on the USA. Attorney Jim Kreindler’s theory holds that in the wake of the embassy bombings and increased pressure from then-President Bill Clinton’s administration for the Saudis to provide investigative assistance, Al Qaeda was either encouraged or decided independently to make its money harder to trace. Kreindler’s complaint and other government documents, including the indictment against Omar Abdi Mohamed, trace a circuitous route that would take hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Chicago office of the Al Qaeda-linked charity Global Relief on to San Diego and Omar Abdi Mohamed’s Western Somali Relief Agency (WSRA), then through the money transfer service Dahabshiil to Karachi, Pakistan, where a waiting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed sent it to his nephew in Dubai, who put it into the pockets of the 19 men who would travel to the United States.

Sheikh Saleh Al-Sheikh has been Saudi Arabia's minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowment and Da'wa since 1999. Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance Sheikh Saleh bin Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh has links to terrorist funding. In 2002 the annual conference of the Saudi World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) concluded in Riyadh. Although it claims to be a charitable organization espousing moderate Islam, WAMY is actually one of many such organizations that, while closely linked to the Saudi government and royal family (e.g., WAMY's president is Sheikh Saleh al-Sheikh, the Saudi minister of Islamic affairs), also have documented links to international terrorism. Others include the al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, the Muslim World League, and the Benevolence International Foundation. Saudi minister and WAMY president Sheikh Saleh al-Sheikh is also "superintendent of all foundation activities" for the al-Haramain Islamic Foundation. In March 2002, a joint U.S.-Saudi order froze the accounts of al-Haramain's Bosnian and Somali offices, which were linked to the al-Qaeda-associated Egyptian al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya and Somali al-Itihad al-Islamiyah, respectively. After his arrest in Indonesia in June 2002, Omar al-Farouq, al-Qaeda's point man in Southeast Asia, told interrogators that a branch of al-Haramain funded al-Qaeda operations in the region. According to al-Farouq, "money was laundered through the foundation by donors from the Middle East."
The Muslim charity Global Relief Foundation (GRF) in Chicago sought to distance itself from Wadih El-Hage, that is understandable. El-Hage was a personal aide to Osama bin Laden and was convicted in the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in East Africa. But now it turns out that the top official in Europe for Global Relief, the Bridgeview-based charity whose assets had been frozen as part of a ICE federal investigation into terrorism funding, had known El-Hage for years. El-Hage, a Lebanese-born U.S. citizen, is serving a life sentence for conspiracy in the embassy blasts in Kenya and Tanzania. Global Relief has denied aiding terrorists and has sued the U.S. government, which raided its Bridgeview offices in December 2002 and seized its records.
Global Relief Foundation (GRF) received $18,521 from the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) in 2000. HLF, a Dallas, Texas based Islamic charitable organization, was designated under E.O. 13224 on December 4, 2001, and under the European Union's Regulation (EC) No. 2580/2001 on June 17, 2002, for its ties to support of terrorism. Imam Muneer Arafat came to Sarasota Fl in March of 2000 from the St Louis area, Arafat and his roommate Ziyad Khaleel were fund raisers for Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF). Ghassan Elashi, HLF chairman, was also vice president of InfoCom Corporation of Richardson, Texas, indicted along with Hamas' Marzook. InfoCom also maintained the web sites for HLF and IAP (Islamic Association of Palestine).

InfoCom Corporation achieved notoriety for its connections with terrorist organizations Al Qaeda and Hamas and with the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. Evidence collected during a three-day raid of the offices of InfoCom Corporation beginning on September 5, 2001 conducted by the U.S. Joint Terrorist Task Force definitively confirmed InfoCom’s affiliation with terrorist organizations. During the Elashis' detention hearing, an FBI agent testified that InfoCom and the Holy Land Foundation, which was located directly across the street in a Richardson business park, were closely tied. "They have what I describe as an intimate relationship going back to the late '80s in Southern California in the Los Angeles area," FBI agent Jim Lewis said. With 90 percent of its clients in the Middle East, the company attempted to do business with Iraq under Saddam Hussein and sold equipment to Ziyad Khaleel, who ran Hamas' Web site in Tampa, Fla., and supplied Osama bin Laden with a satellite phone used to plan the bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa in 1998, FBI agent Lewis said.
Ahmed Abu Marzook is the founder and president of Palestinian Internet Services (, a prominent local Internet provider located in Gaza. is responsible for hosting both the websites for the Gaza office of the now-banned Holy Land Foundation and HLF’s special hospital in Gaza, Dar al-Islam. The enterprising Ahmed Abu Marzook has also spent extensive time in other parts of the U.S., including in Detroit, Michigan, where he incorporated “A&A Intercontinental” at 3167 Hanley Street. Unsurprisingly, the same Hanley Street address has also been linked in public records to Ziyad Khaleel the webmaster of the official Hamas Internet site. At the time, Ziyad Khaleel was a roving jack-of-all-trades in the American underground militant Islamic community. His name and Detroit address both appeared prominently in ledgers taken from the Al-Kifah Refugee Center in 1994, a critical international financial and strategic arm of al Qaeda. While in Orlando, Florida, Khaleel served as the regional director for the Columbia, Missouri-based Islamic African Relief Agency (IARA), an Islamic charity that had a multimillion-dollar USAID contract cancelled after the U.S. State Department determined that it was not in America’s “national-security interests.”
WHY didn’t Al-Qaeda linked Muneer Arafat and his terrorist pals linked to the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton (ISSB) attract the FBI’s attention in Sarasota Fl during 2000 maybe we could have averted 9/11. Terrorist Imam Anwar al-Awlaki attracted the FBI’s attention in 1999, because of alleged contact with an al Qaeda agent who bought a satellite phone for Osama bin Laden to be used in the 1998 US embassy bombings in Africa. Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Sadaqa purchased the phone for bin-Laden, in 1999 his roommate in the St Louis area was Muneer Arafat who became the Imam at the Sarasota Fl Mosque in March 2000 just prior to Mohamed Atta and the 9/11 hijack pilots showing up in nearby Osprey Fl. WHY didn’t Al-Qaeda linked Muneer Arafat and Mohamed Atta and his hijacker pals attract the FBI’s attention in Sarasota Fl during 2000 maybe we could have averted the 9/11 attacks in 2001. The investigation of terrorist Imam Anwar al-Awlaki was closed in 2000 because of lack of evidence. Ziyad Khaleel aka Ziyad Sadaqa purchased a $7,500.00 satellite phone and 400 min of time and had it sent to Osama bin-Laden for use in the 1998 US Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. Osama bin Laden uses the satellite phone to direct al-Qaeda’s operations world wide. Imam Muneer Arafat was a fund raiser who gathered up $20,000 for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) in Texas a front for Hamas which was under investigation by the FBI before Arafat came to the Sarasota Mosque, what the hell?
SUMMER OF 2000 TERRORISTS ARRIVE IN SARASOTA FL: Yeah it was just another day in paradise in Sarasota Fl on Tuesday June 27th, I was working a PI surveillance case in Nokomis just south of Sarasota, everyday had been the same bright and sunny temp in the 90’s with high humidity, tough to be outside sitting in a car watching someone but ideal weather for Middle Eastern Muslim radicals Ziad Samir Jarrah from Lebanon, Mohamed Atta from Egypt, and Marwan Al-Shehhi from United Arab Emirates, (seen in photo above), who were just moving into Sarasota County. Apparently the 9/11 pilots were going to meet with the Sarasota Saudi al-Hijji family at 4224 Escondito Circle Sarasota Fl. Al-Qaeda terrorist leader Adnan El-Shukrijumah could also have been coming to the al-Hijji house at 4224 Escondito Circle in Prestancia from at least 1995 as he was living in Miramar Fl at that time. Al-Qaeda terrorist leader Adnan El-Shukrijumah and Sarasota Saudi Abdulaziz Al-Hijji both moved to South Florida in 1995. “In mid-August 2001, Abdulaziz al-Hijji, purchased a new vehicle and renewed the registration on several other vehicles at the Sarasota County tag office on South Tamiami Trl near his home in Prestancia, so why did he ‘bug out’ just days later in August, prior to the 9/11 attacks?
Much has been made about a secret 2002 FBI investigation into the Sarasota Saudi al-Hijji family and their links to the 9/11 hijackers at their 4224 Escondito Circle Sarasota Fl house. Sarasota Imam Muneer Arafat of the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton (ISSB) was arrested in November 2002 and flipped by the FBI, he became an informant for the US Department of Justice (FBI) and they paid him $35,000 to spy (wear a wire) on a group of Muslim businessmen in Sarasota Fl during 2002 and 2003. The Sarasota Saudi al-Hijji family went to Muneer Arafat’s Mosque in Sarasota, Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton (ISSB) from 1995 to summer of 2001. FBI agents said records of incoming and outgoing calls made at the 4224 Escondito Circle Sarasota Fl house were obtained from the phone company under subpoena. It would not be unreasonable to maintain that Muneer Arafat also visited the 4224 Escondito Circle house as he was the al-Hijji family’s Imam or Holy Man. Agents were able to conduct a link analysis, a system of tracking calls based on dates, times and length of conversations — finding the Escondito calls dating back more than a year, “lined up with the known suspects.” The links were not only to Mohamed Atta and his 9/11 hijack pilots, the agent said, but to 11 other terrorist suspects, including Walid al-Shehri, one of the men who flew with Atta on the first plane to strike the World Trade Center.

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