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Was it Murder and Staged Suicide: New evidence in Sheena Morris Bradenton Beach death disproves suicide indicates homicide.

Was it Murder and Staged Suicide: New evidence in Sheena Morris Bradenton Beach death disproves suicide indicates homicide. Apparently from re-examination of the actual crime scene photos of deceased Sheena Morris it appears she could have been strangled from behind with the dog leash while sitting in a wicker chair at the beach hotel room shared by her and her boyfriend Joe Genoese. Joe Genoese claims to have had no part in the death of Sheena Morris at the Bridge Walk Resort Hotel in Bradenton Beach on January 1st, 2009. The body of Sheena Morris was found, partially seated, hanging from a shower fixture by her dog's leash. From the new report and evidence it appears to me that Ms. Morris was possibly strangled with the dog leash while sitting in a chair with the perp standing up behind her and then after a period of time carried to the shower where it was all staged with the same dog leash. Makes all the sense in the world and explains why there was sand caked on her feet and nowhere to be found in the shower or bathroom floor. Never believed Ms. Morris would hang herself with her dog's leash and leave the dog's to fend for themselves at the hotel, alone.
“It’s very simple,” Kelly Osborn told the Herald-Tribune August 19, 2019. “If at some point Sheena was in that wicker chair after she was dead, how then did she hang herself in the shower?”Sheena Morris death is murder not suicide report shows, Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale said Monday Aug 19 “So, we’re gonna go through that again?” After Morris was found hanging in the shower stall, Bradenton Beach police detective Lenard Diaz quickly concluded that the young woman had killed herself. Diaz had never before investigated a suspicious death on his own. It wasn’t until 22 days after Morris’ death that Diaz first interviewed Morris’ fiance, Joe Genoese, then 48, in person. Eight months later, the detective interviewed Marcos Claudio, whom Genoese had named as a person who could confirm his alibi. Diaz never wrote a police report documenting either interview.

SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE WRITES AUGUST 19, 2019: “Reasonable inferences and logical conclusions allow even the most novice law enforcement officer, crime scene investigator, detective, FDLE special agent and state attorneys to come to the correct conclusion, once they eliminate their investigative bias on coming up with non-scientific methods and investigative adjuncts to ignore the hard physical evidence, and continue to believe this case is a suicide in the face of overwhelming physical and forensic evidence,” the report states. “For a skilled forensic pathologist the solution is clear as is the correct manner of death.”
• “There is no scientific explanation for the blanched lividity pattern as occurring from any object, wall or floor inside the shower enclosure.”
• “This pattern lividity and blanching matches with wicker weave pattern of the chair inside the condo in size, configuration and angles.”
• “The lividity pattern and blanching on Sheena’s back developed after Sheena was deceased with no beating heart.”
• “Sheena had to remain in the chair for a sufficient time period for gravity to take effect and dependent lividity to develop within the pattern.”
• “Then and only then, Sheena was moved by another person into the shower and the death staged to look like a suicide hanging.”
“The above are the forensic facts of the case and they are irrefutable,” the report states. In a written response, Vega discounted the experts’ conclusions about the marks on Morris’ back, which had disappeared by the time she was autopsied by his colleague, Assistant Medical Examiner Dr. Suzanne Utley. Still, Vega has no idea what, other than the chair, could have caused the lividity pattern.

'Death Investigation of Sheena Lee Morris' by Janice M Johnson CSCSA, Page 3, results from crime scene photos and the autopsy state that Sheena Morris was found hanging from the shower head coming out of the shower wall in the bathroom at the Bridge Walk Resort Hotel in Bradenton Beach on January 1st, 2009. The dog leash was fastened around her neck in a simple looping with the leash back through the handle of the leash and then around her neck. If Ms. Morris had fastened the dog leash around the shower head her fingerprints would be on and around that area (like the tile wall), none were found in the shower area. The buttocks of the deceased were positioned approximately 7 to 8 inches OFF the the shower floor, NOT TOUCHING FLOOR. The back and buttocks of Sheena Morris were not touching the shower floor as she hung from the shower head. Yet there were obviously discernible marks on her back and buttocks from what now appears to be a wicker chair in the living area of the hotel room that indicates she was dead in the chair for some time prior to being found hanging in the shower. The detective who investigated the death of Sheena Morris never noticed that there were marks on her back and buttocks area and she was not touching the floor as she hung in the shower? Any person with basic common sense would question as to why Sheena Morris had marks on her back and buttocks but her back and buttocks were not touching the shower floor when she was found hanging in the shower. Questions should have been asked, an interview of the person last seen with Sheena, her fiance, Joe Genoese, should have commenced on January 1st, 2009 ASAP, not 22 days later and with no police report documenting the interview, WOW.
In my opinion, simply put, the marks on the neck of Sheena Morris inflicted by the dog leash would line up the same way, either strangled from behind while she was sitting with an upward pull or hanged in the shower. Both scenarios would indicate and upward pull from under the jaw line to up past the ears. How did she end up in the shower with caked sand on her feet but none in the shower or on the shower floor, was she carried and placed after death, most likely yes. Mom, Kelly Osborn, tells me that Joe Genoese hangs out at strip clubs and high end dinner spots in Pinellas County, she last saw him at a strip club preying on another young dancer. Morris’ family say they have evidence that proves her death was not a suicide. They want the state to turn the case over to the FBI for a new investigation. “We need to gain awareness and start forcing the hands of the Florida officials down here,” said Kelly Osborn, Morris’ mother “We want the public’s attention. We want justice.” 
SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE WRITES August 18, 2019, Experts: New evidence in Sheena Morris Bradenton Beach death disproves suicide. BRADENTON BEACH — New evidence has emerged that may prove Sheena Morris did not hang herself in a Bradenton Beach hotel room on New Year’s Day 2009, according to national forensic experts. Marks caused by the pooling of blood after death — known as lividity — indicate that Morris was seated in a wicker chair at some point after her death, and thus refute the suicide conclusions of multiple investigations conducted by Bradenton Beach Police, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and an assistant state attorney, says Jan Johnson, a certified senior crime scene analyst who has four decades of local, state and federal crime scene experience. In her “staged crime scene” classes, Johnson highlights the Morris case using a PowerPoint presentation that features photographs taken by investigators from the District 12 Medical Examiner Office. The photos were taken inside the hotel room where Morris was found hanging in a shower stall from a dog leash, as her body was lifted onto a bed, wrapped in a sheet and then placed in a body bag. Several of the photos show a pattern of red lines on Morris’ lower back and buttocks caused by lividity. Other evidence photos show a wicker chair that was in the hotel room where Morris died. Both the lines on her back and the patterns in the wicker chair are the same length and have the same angle — 38 degrees. “The pattern of lividity matches the chair,” Johnson told the Herald-Tribune. “Basically, they line up exactly with her being seated in the chair, after death.”
FOLLOWING ARE REPORTS I POSTED ON MY WEBSITE OVER THE YEARS CONCERNING THE DEATH OF SHEENA MORRIS: On January 1, 2009 Sheena Morris was found deceased in a hotel room at the Bridge Walk Resort in Anna Maria Island, Florida. Sheena Morris, 22, was found dead in a Beach hotel room on New Year’s Day, 2009. Police found her hanging in a shower stall hours after she had a fight with her fiance. Detective Lenard Diaz, the lone detective at the small police department, quickly concluded Sheena hanged herself, and closed the case as a suicide. But Sheena’s mother, Kelly Osborn, never accepted Diaz’s findings. Osborn began a 10-year quest to prove that her daughter was murdered and the scene staged to appear as a suicide. Along the way, she gained support from the country’s top forensic experts, who all agree Sheena did not commit suicide and that the hotel room was a “staged crime scene.” 
STAGED SUICIDE: I have dogs and a dog leash just like in the photo above. I fashioned the clip end just like as seen above and opened the loop to fit over the shower head in my bathroom just as depicted above, to do so and tighten the loop around the pipe above the shower head you have to touch the shower head and the pipe as the clip does not slide easily on the cloth leash. If Ms. Morris did as depicted above she would have left fingerprints or a palm print somewhere in the shower area on the wall and/or on the shower head and pipe, none ere found, everything appears to have been wiped clean. Sheena Morris was found hanging in the shower area with part of her body touching the shower floor, (her legs), there was sand on Sheena’s feet but the tile on the bathroom floor was clean as was the shower floor, that is impossible unless the Bradenton Beach police department ‘troops’ believe Sheena Morris “flew into the shower“. The only thing the Bradenton Beach Police did do was dust for finger prints in the shower where she was hung. They did not find any finger prints (no prints of any kind). Sheena Morris and boyfriend Joe Genoese were already in this hotel for two days with no cleaning service because she brought her two Yorkies with them and it is not a pet friendly hotel. NO PRINTS OR SAND IN THE SHOWER AREA AND TWO PEOPLE USED THE SHOWER OVER A TWO DAY PERIOD WITH NO CLEANING SERVICE AT A HOTEL ON THE BEACH??? Joe Genoese claims to have had no part in the death of Sheena Morris at the Bridge Walk Resort Hotel in Bradenton Beach on January 1st, 2009, but just hours prior to her being found hung (sitting down) in the shower area of the Hotel room, cops had been called by another guest at the Hotel because there was a ‘domestic disturbance between Joe Genoese and Sheena Morris. 
Joe Genoese was not charged in the the Domestic Violence Dispute with Sheena Morris on January 1st 2009, in fact he walked right past Bradenton Beach cops John Tsakiri and Mike Bazell as they were responding to the 911 call at the Bridge Walk Resort in Bradenton Beach, Fl. On the early morning of her death, Sheena took several pictures of injuries she received during the fight with her fiance including a cut on her neck. Photos from Sheena’s camera and an autopsy would later reveal defensive wounds on Sheena’s hands. According to the reports of the Domestic Disturbance the 911 call was dispatched at 1:21am and the Beach cops arrived at 1:22am and they completed their call at 1:50am on January 1st, 2009. The Domestic Disturbance report was never written up by the Bradenton Beach cops until January 3rd 2009, two days after the report of her death, what the hell? 
Six months later on June 27th, 2009 Joe Genoese was arrested on a Domestic Violence charge that resulted from a fight with his ex-wife;
OFFENSE Report SO09-147001 Report Date: 06/27/2009;
Arrest #1 Name GENOESE, JOSEPH -

Sex MALE -Race WHITE- 
DOB 1/1/1964. 
SHERIFF’S REPORT: I explained to Joseph as he was being cooperative that I would allow him to walk to my car in our presence so the children who were still in their mother’s vehicle would not see their father in handcuffs and we would handcuff him in our vehicle. Joseph replied ” I want you to handcuff me now because I want my kids to see me handcuffed.” I then handcuffed Joseph and escorted him to my fully marked cruiser and placed him in backseat awaiting patrol transport Deputy Fagan. With the use of the deputy issued cameras, we used Deputy Clark’s camera and I took three photographs of Gina which were e-mailed to ARMS as an attachment for this report.
BRADENTON BEACH – Joe Genoese, the former fiance of Sheena Morris, failed a polygraph examination about his role in the 2009 death, according to the polygraphist who administered the test. Genoese, along with Sheena’s parents, Kelly Osborn and Dave Morris, appeared last week at a taping of the “Dr. Phil” show in Los Angeles. The two episodes were broadcast locally Thursday 10/25 and Friday 10/26. Joe Genoese was tested by Jack Trimarco, a nationally known expert and the former chief polygraphist for the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office, who has personally conducted more than 3,500 examinations. “He was deceptive to the relative issue, which was: Did you kill Sheena?” Trimarco said. “He failed the test for that issue. It wasn’t a good test for him.”The entire examination, Trimarco said, was “textbook.” “He was cooperative. I didn’t see any sign of countermeasures. The rapport was there. He was not resisting,” Trimarco said. “I expected him not to fail, only because I told him he’d be a fool to take this test if he had something to hide. Boy, was he deceptive.”
BRADENTON BEACH – Sheena Morris’ former fiancĂ© has provided a sample of his DNA and says he is cooperating with police and state agents who are re-investigating Morris’ death. Joe Genoese would not say whether his DNA sample was provided voluntarily or obtained as the result of a search warrant. He is still fuming about his appearance last week at a taping of the “Dr. Phil” show in Los Angeles, during which Genoese failed a polygraph examination when asked if he had killed Sheena on New Year’s Day 2009. Now Joe Genoese may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he sure has to be a fool if he gave up his DNA voluntarily after failing the Dr Phil polygraph, more than likely he was forced to give up a DNA sample from a search warrant which would indicate that the Bradenton Beach Police Department, with the aid of the FDLE, is actually investigating the murder case of Sheena Morris as suggested by the FDLE SMART panel.
Bradenton Beach cops have Sheena Morris fingernail clippings held in the safe of top cop Sam Speciale’s office which could yeild a match for the DNA of Joe Genoese if she had scratched his face during the ‘domestic disturbance’. Joe Genoese’s DNA could also be used to match up what is called ‘Touch DNA’ that could be pulled off the dog leash that was used to strangle and then hang Sheena Morris. 

IN JOE'S BIZARRO WORLD: At one point after the death of Sheena Morris in 2010 Joe Genoese the ex-fiance of murdered Sheena Morris, who was found hung by a dog leash in the Bradenton Beach Hotel, was using the dog's name 'Baggio' on a ZOOSK dating Page. Was Joe Genoese mocking law enforcement with his "catch me if you can" Baggio persona? According to 'Justice 4 Sheena' on Facebook Joe Genoese is "Guiseppe Genoese".

       photo credit screenshot ABC-7 News Sarasota Fl August 19, 2019
ABC-7 News writes August 19th, 2019 Family says new clues in old evidence prove woman was killed in Bradenton Beach motel.The death of Sheena Morris was ruled a suicide more than 10 years ago, but Monday, her family said new evidence proves what they have always believed: Sheena did not kill herself. But new clues in old evidence have other experts ‘certain’ - Morris was murdered January 1st, 2009, just after 2 a.m.

7 years ago almost to the day.......Bradenton Herald Wrote on Aug 17, 2012 - BRADENTON BEACH FL-- The first thing Tampa mother Kelly Osborn told Bradenton Beach commissioners Thursday August 16th, 2012 after she had waved protest signs for more than an hour with Bill Warner in 96-degree heat in front of Bradenton Beach City Hall, was that she was angry that Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam J. Speciale didn't call her.
Protest death of Sheena Morris August 16, 2012 at Bradenton Beach City Hall Florida. I took to the streets one very hot day in August 2012 to protest with mom Kelly Osborn in front of the Bradenton Beach City Hall to protest the cover up of the murder of her daughter Sheena Morris, two more people showed up later that day to protest, it was my one and only protest.  
    photo credit screenshot ABC News
I have said it more than once, the death of Sheena Morris was a murder set up to look like a suicide, Bradenton Beach Cops, who are run by Chief Sam Speciale, could not figure it out and it is about time the FBI takes over. "Chief Speciale needs to call in FBI agents," Kelly Osborn said. "None of the recommendations should be handled by Bradenton Beach police. 
FDLE Panel Recomends To Reopen Sheena Morris Death Investigation In Bradenton Beach It Was a Murder Not Suicide Call In The FBI. Sheena Morris would never ever leave her 2 Yorkies and kill herself with one of their leashes, never happen. FDLE Panel Recommends To Reopen Sheena Morris Death Investigation In Bradenton Beach, It Was a Murder Not Suicide, Bring In The FBI. This was not a top notch CSI investigation of any kind, time for the real cops to take over.

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