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K9 Officer Jordan Harris Sheldon Mooresville NC Police shot and killed during traffic stop, Mooresville area is hotbed of Sovereign Citizen Activity claims PI Bill Warner

K9 Officer Jordan Harris Sheldon Mooresville NC police force shot and killed during routine traffic stop Mooresville area is hotbed for Sovereign Citizen Activity. K9 Officer Jordan Harris Sheldon, 32, a six-year veteran of the Mooresville NC police force was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop on West Plaza Drive. 
The suspect Michael Aldana in the shooting of K9 Officer Jordan Harris Sheldon left and was later found in a nearby apartment dead from an apparent self inflicted gunshot, officials said. K-9 Officer Jordan Harris Sheldon, 32, was transported to a hospital, but died from his injuries, Mooresville Police Chief Damon Williams said at a news conference.
Prior Booking Photo of Cop Killer Michael Aldana aka Michael Yovany Aldana and aka Michael A. Aldana Mooresville NC. The suspect, 28-year-old Michael Aldana, fled and was later found in an apartment near where the shooting happened. By the time police entered the apartment, the suspect was dead from a "self-inflicted gunshot wound," Williams said. Michael Aldana aka Michael Yovany Aldana, was known to the police, but had no violent history, Williams said.

FACEBOOK PAGE Photo of Cop Killer Michael Aldana aka Michael Yovany Aldana and aka Michael A. Aldana Mooresville NC. RECENT ARREST FOR Michael Yovany Aldana: On April 3rd, 2019 the suspect in the murder of K9 Officer Jordan Harris Sheldon, Michael Yovany Aldana, 28, of Jonathan Lane, Statesville was arrested for DWI, he posted a $2,000 bond, Statesville Police Department in Iredell County.
Sovereign Citizens Are America’s Top Cop-Killers. An anti-government extremist ambushed and killed a police officer after setting his own house on fire. When Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies Christopher Smith and Colin Wulfekuhl responded to a call about a house fire in Tallahassee last Saturday, they were greeted by the burning home’s occupant, 53-year-old Curtis Wade Holley, brandishing a .40 caliber handgun. It soon became clear that the flames were no accident, as Holley proceeded to initiate a shootout with the first responders, managing to shoot and kill Smith before being gunned down by another officer. Sovereign Citizen Cop Killer Curtis Wade Holley In Tallahassee Fl Held 'Anti-Government Views' and Planned to Kill as Many Cops as Possible. Bill Warner, a private investigator based in Sarasota, said Holley may have shared the same beliefs as sovereign citizens. He said Holley may have drawn inspiration from others with anti-government views, including so-called "doomsday prepper" Martin Winters, recently sentenced to federal prison for stockpiling explosives at his Tampa-area home for use in the apocalypse. "A lot of these guys don't go out and get very vocal," Bill Warner said. "They keep it quiet." One ex-police chief is telling local law enforcement how to spot the greatest threat to their lives. It wasn’t more than nine years ago, however, that sovereign citizens were flying completely under the FBI and other law enforcement’s radar. That changed on May 20, 2010 when Brandon Paudert and Bill Evans, two police officers in West Memphis, Arkansas pulled over a suspicious white minivan with strange-looking Ohio license plates and were shot and killed by the van’s 16-year-old, AK-47-wielding passenger. The shooter, Joseph Kane, and his father Jerry, who were eventually killed in a shootout with police after leaving Paudert and Evans at the scene, were sovereign citizens.
SOVEREIGN CITIZEN TRAFFIC STOPS: Law enforcement danger signals when pulling over a member of the Sovereign Citizen movement. Sovereign citizens have been known to create their own driver’s licenses and vehicle tags. Violent altercations have occurred between sovereign citizens and law enforcement officers and other government officials. In recent years, the sovereign citizen movement has become a concern for the law enforcement community. It is predicted that this anti-government movement will continue to grow as the ideology of sovereign citizens spreads across the country. It is important for officers to be educated about indicators and safety precautions when dealing with sovereign citizens.

SOVEREIGN CITIZEN TRAFFIC STOP NC: Bushkill Township police say a man claiming to be a “sovereign citizen” gave them several false names before shoving an officer and running away during a traffic stop early Tuesday morning. Shane Allen Grant, 43, of Henderson, N.C., was charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, providing false identification disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and marijuana possession after his arrest on Clearfield Road. In an affidavit, Officer Nathan Correll said he pulled over a car that was driving at fluctuating speeds and crossing the yellow line. The passengers were a female driver and her daughter and Grant, the front-seat passenger, who told Correll he was a sovereign citizen, had no identification and didn’t have to answer questions. Sovereign citizens are anti-government activists who claim to be exempt from taxation and other laws. The affidavit said Correll smelled a strong odor of alcohol from the vehicle, and that the driver’s daughter said Grant had been driving but pulled over and switched seats with the woman before Correll approached. Grant gave three false names before another officer, Corporal David Marino, assisted him out of the car to place him into custody, the affidavit said. Grant allegedly pushed Marino and ran away, cutting through a yard and around a hedge row, where he fell and tried to take something out of his pocket.
VIOLENT ANTI-COP SOVEREIGN CITIZENS IN NORTH CAROLINA: Federal, state and local law enforcement authorities conducted a joint operation on Monday, July 23, 2018, to stem the illicit gambling activities by a sovereign citizen group called the “Tuscarora Nation,” located near Laurinburg, North Carolina. Authorities arrested 26 sovereign citizens affiliated with the group following a year-long multi-agency investigation. Suspects have been charged with various criminal violations including illegal gambling, manufacturing controlled substances and money laundering at the bogus casinos located in Maxton, Pembroke and Red Springs. During the raid, police seized multiple vehicles, currency, marijuana, firearms, and over 200 illegal gaming machines. “Most of the offenders arrested today were considered to be armed and dangerous and many have criminal records,” said Robeson County Sheriff Kenneth Sealey whose agency was involved in the arrests. In the past, some sovereign citizen groups, such as the Little Shell Pembina Nation and Washitaw Nation, have impersonated Native American tribes and falsely claim tribal status. They believe such status gives them immunity from government authority as well as the ability to create and enforce their own laws. According to media sources, the Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina operated “three illegal casinos, an unlicensed police force and an indoor marijuana grow with multiple outdoor grows.” The group also reportedly made threats to “wage war” against law enforcement.
COP KILLERS: Sovereign Citizen movement. Three of the most prevalent sovereign citizen groups in North Carolina are the Moorish Nation, the Washitaw Nation and the North-Carolina American Republic (NCAR) in the Mooresville area and nearby Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. NCAR Our Mission Re-establish and re-populate the "Constitution-Approved" State of North-Carolina. We the people of North-Carolina have re-established the state that was taken from us on July 1st, 1868 by the United States Military, as the end result of the Reconstruction Acts (1, 2, 3, 4). These Acts imposed on us a military dictatorship, an election, a method of changing our constitution, and a constitution, all foreign to our organic law. Our Constitution, therefore, has been dormant, but not dead, since that date. We are breathing new life into it. Citizens of the de jure State of North-Carolina, when entering the courts of the de facto State, don’t typically avail themselves of the services of the State’s attorneys. Being members of the Bar, and hence owing a loyalty to the courts of the 39th State, Citizens of the 12th State have never had any reasonable expectation of obtaining an informed, honest and vigorous defense on their behalf from legal counsel employed by the very State whose jurisdiction our challenge disputes." We the Inhabitants of North-Carolina, therefore, hereby make known to all men our resolve to re-establish the De Jure North-Carolina Republic." - Declaration of Re-establishment of the North Carolina American Republic
Organizations such as the North-Carolina American Republic (in the Mooresville area), the Embassy of Heaven, Aware Group and Carolina Liberty also sometimes are listed as sovereign citizens, but at least some of them say they are different. The North-Carolina American Republic, for example, distinguishes itself as believing it is the real sovereign state of North Carolina, rejecting the notion of separate sovereign rights for individuals. Their particular fantasy is that the state government put in place by the Reconstruction Acts is invalid and that they have re-established the legitimate government of the state. Accordingly the North-Carolina American Republic has named its own governor, legislature, etc.It’s a different route than the one followed by sovereign citizens but leads to the same self-serving conclusion that the established state institutions do not have jurisdiction over them.

The concept of a sovereign citizen movement originated in 1971 in the Posse Comitatus movement as a teaching of Christian Identity minister William P. Gale. The concept has influenced the tax protester movement, the Christian Patriot movement (Eric Rudolph), and the redemption movement. The Three Percenters Security is the name of an American paramilitary movement aligned with sovereign citizens whose members pledge armed resistance against attempts on the restriction of private gun ownership. Members have described that their mission is to defend constitutional rights. The organization depicts a tyrannical US Federal Government and has been characterized as being ideologically similar to the Oath Keepers.

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