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Virginia Beach Serial Killer Ernest Broadnax Queens New York Arrested in Rape Murder of Lynn Seethaler & Janice Pietropola

Virginia Beach Serial Killer Ernest Broadnax Queens New York Arrested in Rape Murder of Lynn Seethaler & Janice Pietropola. VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A suspect in the killings of two young women from Pittsburgh who were vacationing at a Virginia Beach cottage in the early 1970s has been arrested, authorities confirmed Tuesday. 
   NYT A family photograph from the 1960’s showing Ernest J. Broadnax at center.

Court records show Ernest Broadnax, 80, of Queens, New York, was picked up by the New York Police Department on a Virginia warrant charging him with second-degree murder. No other details were immediately available. Lynn Seethaler and Janice Pietropola, both 19, were found slain inside an oceanfront motel cottage on the morning of June 30, 1973, according to the Virginia Beach Police Department's Cold Case Homicide Unit.
Lynn Seethaler & Janice Pietropola​​​Lynn Seethaler & Janice Pietropola raped and murdered June 30, 1973 by Ernest Broadnax. Mr. Broadnax has lived in New York since at least 1990, where he has been incarcerated three times for crimes including assault, according to corrections records. State law required him to submit DNA because he was convicted of a felony. He was released from prison on parole in 2013, after serving most of an eight-year sentence for assault, according to state prison records. In that incident, the police said he was selling metal scraps in Manhattan in 2006 when he got into a fight with a customer and broke the man’s arm.
beach cottageOn Saturday morning, June 30, 1973, the bodies of two white females, aged 19, were found brutally murdered in a motel cottage located at the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Both girls were vacationing from the area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Virginia State Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled these deaths as homicide. The cottage where this violent attack occurred has been destroyed and replaced with new motels and shops.

Lynn Marie Seethaler
Lynn Seethaler was a 19 year old white female with blue eyes and brown hair. She was 5’ 7’’ tall, weighing 115 pounds. Janice Pietropola was raped, strangled, and shot. Beverly Christensen was stabbed in her home, and Alice Eskew was beaten and strangled. Someone killed these women, and at least nine more, at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. "There was a tremendous amount of violence that took place inside a little cottage," said a retired detective. "She was just precious to me. She was my sister, the only sibling I ever had," said a family member. To police, both then and now the murders are a mystery. Each killing was done differently, but the victims all looked the same. For a little more than a decade young pretty women met awful fates at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. "They found two bodies floating ashore in Virginia Beach and they think it's Joanne and Christine," said police. Someone got away with murder. Maybe many murders. It's been a well kept secret in the Virginia Beach Police Department that maybe this pattern is the signature of a serial killer.
Janice Frances Pietropola
Janice Pietropola was also a 19 year old white female with brown eyes and brown hair. She was 5’ 2’’ tall, weighing 142 pounds. A local television station, WTKR, reported in 2011 that the killings of Ms. Seethaler and Ms. Pietropola were two of at least 12 women with similar physical traits who were murdered or went missing in Virginia Beach between 1973 and 1985. Twelve women, all young, petite, pretty, and white were murdered at or near the Oceanfront. Even more women vanished from the same Oceanfront streets. The killer strangled Lynn Seethaler, shot her twice in the head and slashed her throat. He strangled Janice, raped her and shot her three times. 

It was just the beginning. A year later and 15 blocks away someone strangled 24-year-old Beverly Christensen in her apartment. Two years after that a woman's headless and handless corpse washed up in the Chesapeake Bay. Then a string of women who simply vanished from the Oceanfront. 22-year-old Judy Sylvester. 18-year-old Barbara Jean Monaco. 17-year-old Marcia Remick. "These people need justice," said Virginia Beach police. Alice Eskew beaten and strangled, her body was dumped in First Landing State Park. Brenda Joi Bancroft was killed on Christmas. Joanne Zwingman and Christine Pilczak were found floating in the Atlantic in 1983. 20-year-old waitress Rafaella Bryant was strangled and left in a burning car two years later in 1985.

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