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Sarasota Rapist Dexter Johnson Arrested and Jailed Again Dexter Runs The Girls and Drugs on North Trail From His Newtown Headquarters on 32nd Street

As of July 27th, 2016, Sarasota convicted rapist Dexter V. Johnson, 1900 Block of 32nd Street Newtown Fl, has been arrested and jailed again, this time on driving without a license for about the 10th time, DRIVING WITH LICENSE REVOKED HABITUAL TRAFFIC OFFENDER, he got jail time with a release date of April 19th, 2017 in the Sarasota County Jail. Newtown career criminal Dexter V. Johnson got 300 days in the Sarasota County jail for driving without a license but back in 2013 he served only 79 days in Florida State prison for the rape and vicious knife attack on a Sarasota woman, what the hell?
Newtown career criminal and rapist Dexter V. Johnson has operated his pimp and cocaine drug business on the North Trail of Sarasota Fl for over 24 years dating back to 1990 when he was charged with dealing in stolen property. From what I have gathered and been told by victims of Dexter Johnson over the last couple of years is that Dexter Johnson uses the threat of rape to keep his girls in-line. Dexter Johnson's most recent drug arrest was in January 2014 at the Rodeway Inn Hotel 5000 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL, possession of cocaine and trespassing charges. Dexter had a Jury Trial on May 19th, 2014 for this crime, he ended up with probation, big deal. Dexter Johnson appears now to be into Heroin and Crack Cocaine and he was known to be most recently operating out of the Quality Inn on the North Trail Sarasota Fl. Dexter V. Johnson did two tours of the Florida State Prison system.

Newtown career criminal Dexter Johnson appears to have put GHB, the date rape drug, in the woman's drink at the Rendezvous Lounge on N. Lockwood Ridge Rd Sarasota Fl and then raped and sodomized her slashing her all over her body with a knife. Dexter Johnson appears to have targeted this woman at the Rendezvous Lounge and appears to have known her, she has multiple drug and theft arrests in Sarasota, Manatee and Desoto County and she has been in and out of jail or prison for the last 10 years, Dexter Johnson has been known to use rape and violence to control the girls who work for him. The violent over the top attack of the woman by Dexter Johnson on Feb. 3rd, 2012 should have resulted in rape (they had his DNA), attempted murder and kidnapping charges but it was all reduced down to Felony Battery and a one year, one month prison sentence.

In 2017 a woman emailed me: "My daughter is a heroin addict currently living in Sarasota. Needless to say that this is tearing me apart. She initially went to Florida for rehab in Naples and relapsed three months later in Sarasota. She told me that she is terrified of Dex Johnson. He just brutally raped, sodomized and beat a girl she knows. Why aren't the police arresting this brutal person? Looking at your reports I'm not understanding why he isn't in prison for life. My daughter told me it is common knowledge and a badge of honor for this criminal that he continually rapes, beats and murders anyone who cares to deny him."
See email I received, below, from a Dexter Johnson victim back in 2012:
Dear Bill Warner,  My name is xxx xxxx, around the time of Nicole Scott's murder I was staying at a motel Dexter was renting out as well (Days Inn motel on 41) I was outside on the phone when I over heard a couple of girls accusing Dexter for raping and killing a girl named Nikki. A couple of days later I was asked by Dexter if he could use my phone, I said yes & he head towards his room saying he needs to go get a number that he wrote down, I walked down the hall with him, he told me to come inside while he looks, offered me a cigarette I seen 2 girls sleeping in the bed so I thought nothing of it being a bad idea. He ended up locking me in the room and threatening to rape me thankfully I was able to get away before anything happened. However while I was in the room I accused him of being crazy & I brought up the rumors I overheard of him murdering Nikki Scott & I said they were probably true. He reacted very violently once he hear her name, he began hitting me & told me, if I didn’t keep his name out of my mouth he would find out & he swore he would kill me no matter how far I ran he would find me. I’m not sure if this is going to help any, I just wanted to make it known he is very capable of doing what he’s being accused of. If any questions please message back, i hope this helped some. Thank you for your time.
Last year in July 2015 another young female victim of Dexter Johnson contacted me at my office when I was on Desoto Rd in Sarasota and told me she had been raped by Dexter Johnson not once but twice at his place on 32nd street in Newtown, she had reported the rapes to the Sarasota Police Dept but it became a problem for an arrest because she had been doing drugs with Johnson, (smoking crack cocaine). She had gone to Sarasota Memorial hospital but refused a rape kit, scared of Dexter, she felt he would kill her. The female victim provided me with a copy of her Sarasota Police Dept complaint with all the details.

According to a search warrant executed on December 11th, 2011, detectives and patrol deputies found the home of murdered Nicole Rose Scott, 29, unlocked and the television still on. Cops confiscated numerous items to be checked for DNA, blood, fingerprints and clothing fibers to determine who may recently have been in the house in the 5400 block of Potter Street. Those items include beer bottles, water bottles, ashtrays, condom wrappers, cigarette butts, notebooks, a cellphone charger, a glass pipe, bed linen and a motel room key…. that room key appears to link to one of the series of Motels on the North Trail of Sarasota Fl frequented by Dexter V. Johnson, small world, eh
 Offender Picture
Dexter V. Johnson has at least 50 arrests in the Sarasota-Bradenton Fl area with over 200 cases found for Dexter V. Jonson, DOB 4/11/1961. What will it take to get this violent thug off the streets of Sarasota Fl for good? Dexter Johnson violently raped and slashed a Sarasota woman on Feb 3rd, 2012 dumping her body in the woods in the Water Tower park on the North Trail Sarasota just 55 days after Nicole Scott was violently beaten, slashed and murdered and her body was dumped in the woods December 2011, this appears to be something Newtown thug Dexter Johnson likes to do, his signature M.O..
June 19th, 2012, SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE. Sarasota Police say DNA enabled them to identify a rape suspect as a convicted criminal with an extensive local arrest record. Denied bail, Dexter V. Johnson, 53, of the 2700 block of Leon Avenue, is being held in the Sarasota County jail on a sexual battery charge. On Feb. 3rd 2012, a woman told police she blacked out after leaving a bar (Rendezvous Lounge) and woke up hours later in the North Water Tower Park with life threatening injuries. The staff at Sarasota Memorial Hospital determined that the woman had been raped and sodomized. An analysis of DNA by Florida Department of Law Enforcement identified Dexter V. Johnson as the assailant. 
Newtown Fl Drug Dealer Dexter Johnson Convicted of Felony Battery In April 2013 Sent to State Prison Out by July 2013, Only 79 Days Later, WTH? Violent Newtown Fl Drug Dealer Dexter Johnson was convicted of felony battery (Violent Rape) in April 2013 was sent to Fl State Prison to serve one year and one month, but he was released just 79 days later and was out by July 2013, What The Hell. The violent over the top attack of the Sarasota woman by Dexter V. Johnson on Feb. 3rd, 2012 should have resulted in rape, attempted murder and kidnapping charges for this dirtbag but it was all reduced down to Felony Battery and a one year, one month prison sentence, WTH? Not only did this pig Dexter Johnson abduct, rape and sodomize this defenseless woman, he cut her all over her body, there were lacerations on her sides, on her stomach, on her wrist, on the back of her neck and a large laceration with swelling on her back, when he finished raping her Dexter Johnson dumped her body in the tree lined woods of the North Water Tower Park on the North Trail in Sarasota Fl to die, see photo above.

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