Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feds Search House in Connection to Vandalism of Lubavitch Mesivta Chicago a Rabbi School & Synagogue, Yousef al-Khattab targeted Chabad-Lubavitch N.Y.

Search linked to synagogue vandalism, bomb threat. Vandals spray-painted the words “Death to Israel’’ on two synagogues and a Jewish school and sent a bomb threat, FBI raids apartment house of Muslim family !
Federal agents (FBI) are executing a search warrant this morning at a Chicago North Side apartment building in connection with last month's vandalism at five synagogues and Jewish schools in Chicago and Lincolnwood, sources said (See NY threat).

The FBI's search warrant was related to a former New York resident who police believe is connected to the vandalism as well as written threats against Jewish institutions, a law-enforcement source said. FBI agents were searching an apartment at 6029 N. Artesian Avenue which is linked to Mohammed Alkaramla and Tasfiq Alkaramla and a son, they have not been arrested as incorrectly reported by the "Atlas Shrugs" website. "The original internet postings were the work of terrorist Yousef al-Khattab (his photo above) of Queens NY, see prior post on this disgusting piece of filth who needs to be in jail, click here"

No arrests have been made for the hate crimes as incorrectly posted by "Pamela Geller on the Atlas Shrugs website" see here, Pamela Geller is reporting a Muslim Family arrested in Chicago, this in not true, FBI Agents searched a home at 6029 N. Artesian Ave. about 7:30 a.m., according to FBI spokeswoman Cynthia Yates. The search resulted in one arrest for misdemeanor charges of possession of cannabis against Tawfiq Alkaramla, 47, another resident of the apartment building, Chicago police said. Shortly after the FBI and Chicago police left the scene this afternoon, a 24-year-old man answered the door to the apartment and told a Tribune reporter authorities suspected him because he's Muslim (EMAIL WAS TRACED TO HIS RESIDENCE). When asked why authorities would be after him, the man said he asked authorities the same question.

The Tribune is not naming the man because he hasn't been charged (there has been no Hate Crime Arrests as of yet). The man, who is studying to be an engineer, said authorities found no evidence in the apartment and said no one was arrested.
A computer hard drive and a laptop computer were seen being taken out of the building. Agents also seized a Chevrolet van and a Nissan sport-utility vehicle.
Report: FBI Search Connects To Synagogue Vandalism, We don't have nothing to hide. They searched the cars, they searched the house. We don't have nothing to hide," Mohammed Alkarama said. "There's no evidence there's nothing of what they looking for." Alkarama was in the third-floor apartment when the FBI agents and joint terrorism task force members searched the place along with two vehicles. Chicago police bomb and arson investigators acted as backup as the warrant was executed.
Rabbi Alan Abramson of Congregation Anshe Motele at 6526 N.
California Ave., said the graffiti "Death to Israel" spray-painted on the synagogue took a heavy toll on worshipers. "
When you have elderly people who are survivors of the holocaust who show up on Saturday morning for prayers and they thought they left this all behind when they left Nazi Germany, it's a psychological fear," he said. "Who would ever think that would happen here in Chicago?"

Yousef al-Khattab's NY threat to Lubavitch, '770' Chabad-Lubavitch World HQ Brooklyn NY Targeted in Jihad Videos by Yousef al-Khattab he operates out of Queens NY

Five synagogues and Jewish schools in Chicago and Lincolnwood were vandalized last month in the wake of Israeli airstrikes and troop incursions into the Gaza Strip. At Lubavitch Mesivta of Chicago, a rabbinical school and synagogue at 2756 W. Morse Ave. in Chicago, the phrase "Death to Israel" was spray-painted on an exterior brick wall.

The same words appeared on the front door an Anshe Motele Congregation, 6526 N. California Ave. Two windows were smashed at Young Israel Congregation of West Rogers Park, 2706 W. Touhy Ave. Glass door were shattered and "Free Palestine" and "Death to Israel" were scrawled on walls at the Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation, 7171 N. Crawford Ave.

Local Jewish leaders were alarmed by what they see as a “rash’’ of incidents targeting Jews.“It’s disturbing,’’ said Jay Tcath, senior vice president of the Chicago Jewish Federation. The incidents come a little more than a week after Ida Crown Jewish Academy, at 2828 W. Pratt, received a mailed bomb threat that also made reference to other Chicago-area Jewish institutions and day schools, said Jay Tcath, senior vice president of the Chicago Jewish Federation.

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